Our 100% family owned and operated companies have been selling bananas for 45 years (Arcella Bananas) and growing and packing for 23 years (Tropicana Banana). We are a family passionate about banana farming, quality and service. Now the next generation of management is building on the platform set by Pat Arcella, working daily to develop each business (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Innisfail Packhouse, Mareeba farm, Upper Daradgee Farm and Kalbo Farm) with goals to continue to grow and perfect the integration between farming and marketing of quality bananas.

PLANTATION - Tropicana farming group has expanded its plantation on numerous farms. The group now has a combined acreage of approximately 1500 acres with over 650 acres owned and operated by the Arcella family.  

MISSION -“Our aim is to sustainably grow, pack, ripen and market quality bananas to supply our customers with consistent quality so you are happy with what you are buying every time.” - Pat Arcella