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To maintain the quality of our bananas throughout their journey, Tropicana Bananas have trialed different packaging solutions for over two years to protect our produce during storage and transit.

Traditional two piece boxes, whether deep or shallow, do not have any support structure in place to spread weight when the boxes are stacked. The boxes at the bottom of the pile get squashed, damaging some bananas with neck damage, bruising and transport rub, and reducing the ventilation needed for even ripening.

To deliver consistent, high quality orders to all our retailers, Tropicana Banana use a deeper one piece carton and high humidity bags to package our bananas. Carefully designed to minimise the load on lower cartons when stacked, the carton system creates six pallets on each pallet for better load distribution and features triple thickness side panels for extra support. Elastic tape wrapping over all our pallets ensures maximum stability during transport.

The new carton design offers:

  • Superior protection from bruising, transport rub and neck damage.
  • Excellent ventilation to support even, controlled ripening and to extend shelf life
  • Easy access for inspection

The high humidity bag provides extra stability by holding the bananas in place, with the added benefit of retaining moisture levels to improve bloom and weight for ripe fruit. Used together, the bag and deeper one piece carton are producing excellent results for our retailers with a dramatic drop in rejection and claims rates.


Our Bananas - Packaging


Did you know?

In Eastern Africa you can buy beer that’s brewed from bananas.

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