Our Varieties - Bananas for all occasions

With our year-round supplies of Cavendish and Lady Finger, Tropicana Banana have got the market covered for Australia’s two most popular banana varieties.


The world’s most popular banana, the Cavendish variety accounts for about 95% of the bananas produced in Australia. Why? Cavendish bananas come from a smaller, fast growing plant that’s more stable and wind resistant and the bananas are easy to harvest and available all-year round. They’re also delicious and sweet with a firm, creamy texture.

Lady Finger

The lunchbox favourite, Lady Finger bananas are equally sweet, but come in a small, convenient size. Lady Fingers don’t brown as quickly when cut, making them ideal for fruit salads and decorating desserts.

Tropicana Bananas - Our Varieties

Did you know?

Bananas don’t grow on trees, they’re actually the world’s largest plant.

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