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It’s no secret that bananas are good for you and that everyone, from kids to athletes to commuters, enjoys eating them. That’s why Tropicana are so passionate about supplying bananas that are top quality and packed with flavour and nutrients. We want banana fans across Australia to get the most out of every single Tropicana banana they eat.

Grown in Queensland and sold by supermarkets and independent stores across Australia, Tropicana bananas are checked against the strictest quality control system at every stage. Only clean, unmarked bananas reach our ripening rooms and our retailers.

  • Our Varieties

    With our year-round supplies of Cavendish and Lady Finger, Tropicana Banana have got the market covered for Australia’s two most popular banana varieties.

  • Nutritional Info

    One of the healthiest and most convenient foods that nature has to offer, it’s hard not to love bananas. There are fantastic benefits for practically every aspect of your health and lifestyle when you eat bananas.

  • Growing Process

    Content to be confirmed.

  • Quality Inspection

    Using a strict quality inspection process at Tropicana Banana farms and ripening rooms to select the very best bananas from our premium crops, we guarantee that only the highest quality bananas are sent to our retailers.

  • Ripening

    The unique Tropicana Ripening method is based on 40 years of experience and produces bananas with a beautiful bloom, colour and flavor and a longer shelf life.

  • Packaging

    To maintain the quality of our bananas throughout their journey, Tropicana Bananas have trialed different packaging solutions for over two years to protect our produce during storage and transit.

  • How to Store

    Getting Tropicana bananas to you in perfect condition is our specialty and our passion. Here are a few tips for keeping your bananas ripe and ready to eat when you get them home.


Did you know?

Banana comes from the Arabic word 'banan' which means finger.

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