The Tropicana Team: The biggest and the best

With production targets of almost 4 million cartons in 2013, Tropicana Bananas is fast becoming one of Australia’s biggest banana producers. But the size of our output isn’t what counts, it’s the quality we deliver that’s most important to our retailers and our customers.

Following the example of a passionate and professional leadership team, every Tropicana employee goes about their work knowing that excellence is required in everything they do to achieve the Tropicana brand standard. Our commitment to Passion, Professionalism, Consistency and Development guarantees that the quality of our bananas is second to none.

CEO - Pat Arcella

The owner and driving force of Tropicana Banana, Pat has been working in the banana industry for more than 40 years.
He has unrivaled knowledge about farming, ripening and marketing bananas and an incessant desire for perfection in the Tropicana brand. Pat’s careful management of the supply chain and his ability to make intuitive decisions give us 100% confidence in becoming Australia’s number one supplier. Contact Pat

National Marketing Manager - Dom Arcella

After completing his commerce and law degree in January 2007, Dom made the move to join the family business. Dedicated to becoming the best supplier in the industry, Dom is continually finding new ways of improving the quality of Tropicana. As Marketing Manager, Dom oversees the farming, ripening and distribution of Tropicana Bananas throughout Australia, ensuring that all retailers who purchase Tropicana get outstanding quality at a reasonable price. Contact Dom

National Operations Manager – Carmelina Arcella

With an accounting and marketing degree, Carmelina has been a valuable asset to the family business for over ten years. She manages the accounts, systems, promotions and overall research and development for the business. Her goals this year are to increase business efficiency and the accuracy of information from farm to store. Contact Carmelina

Our Farm Management Team

Our highly experienced growing team is vital to the success of Tropicana Banana. Their attention to detail and quality throughout the growing and packing cycle makes all the difference when you buy Tropicana Bananas. They use expert farming knowledge and environmentally friendly procedures to ensure our Tropicana Bananas look beautiful, taste great and are the best available.

Many Thanks to Craig Buchanan – Innisfail, Greg Flegler -Tully and Mareeba, Brett Gaia – Cowley, Warwick Flegler – Tully, Wayne McCarthy – Mareeba, Ian McClaughlin Mareeba, Wayne Hoy – Gordonvale/Cairns.
Pat Arcella & Carmelina Arcella.


Tropicana Banana - The Tropicana Team

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