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Investing in new technology for ripening and transporting our bananas is all part of our commitment to delivering perfect bananas every time. Our state-of-the-art cartons protect Tropicana bananas from marking and damage, keeping the skin bright and yellow and the flesh firm.

At Tropicana’s Thermfresh ripening rooms, we collect bananas from our plantations and our growing partners and get them ready for their journey to shelves and shopping baskets. We’ve created the perfect ripening environment, using a carefully controlled combination of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure to create beautifully yellow, tasty bananas.

Creating the right humidity during ripening doesn’t just improve appearance and flavour. It also reduces evaporation which extends the shelf life of Tropicana bananas by three to four days. The specially designed bag we use for packaging also creates humidity to continue keeping your bananas ripe and fresh for longer.

Tropicana Bananas - Our Technology

Did you know?

Banana comes from the Arabic word 'banan' which means finger.

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