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Our History

The Arcella Family – a banana bunch that just keeps growing

Starting out as a Sydney based banana wholesaler in 1974, Pat Arcella has been passionate about delivering beautiful, tasty bananas to Australians ever since. From selling bananas through the Arcella Banana Company (ABC) for 20 years, Pat gained a wealth of knowledge about supply, demand and expectations for this most popular of Aussie fruits. In 1996
Pat bought his first farm and the Tropicana Banana was born.

Taking on the challenge of growing the perfect banana, Pat started out by using demanding quality control systems on his new farm. Training every picker and packer to examine each banana bunch, Pat also hired experienced managers to boost crop quality with their technical knowledge. Thanks to his strict quality management and established retailer network, Tropicana Bananas were a huge success. Pat went on to buy five more Queensland farms and create a group of top quality independent growers who deliver bananas to the exacting Tropicana standards.

Today, Tropicana Bananas delivers more than 3 million 13kg cartons to Australians every year. The Arcellas work with our growing family of employees, growers and retailers to keep the Tropicana banana promise of “the pick of the bunch” for all our customers, all the time.

Did you know?

A cluster of bananas is called a hand and consists of 10 to 20 bananas, known as fingers.

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