Corporate Sponsorship - Golden opportunities with our bananas

As one of Australia’s biggest banana suppliers, the Tropicana banana team are always on the lookout for a chance to make a difference with our partnership and sponsorship programmes.

As Champion Sponsor of the Taronga Conservation Society Australia, we’re keeping animals at their Sydney Zoo well nourished with a weekly delivery of Tropicana Bananas.

Tropicana and Taronga: the best bananas for our animal friends

The two year sponsorship agreement will see Tropicana delivering more than 7.5 tonnes of bananas to Taronga Zoo every year. We’re the Champion Sponsor of Taronga Zoo’s Black-handed Spider Monkey, but our weekly shipments of ripe and green fruit will ensure that all Taronga animals are getting their banana quota.

It’s an ideal partnership, enabling Tropicana to make the best use of bananas that don’t make the grade for our retail shipments. Instead of going to waste, these bananas will be selected to meet the quality standards of Taronga Zoo Food Preparation requirements and enjoyed by a wide range of the Zoo’s animals.

Watch out for the Tropicana logo in the Taronga Zoo Partners in Conservation gallery and at the Black-handed Spider Monkey exhibit. And if you spot any of the other animals tucking into bananas at feeding time, they’re probably enjoying the delicious Tropicana difference too.

Tropicana supports the 2012 Coconuts Outrigger Regatta

As an ongoing commitment to supporting our local community and clubs, Tropicana was proud to be one of the major sponsors for this year's 2012 Dragon Boat Regatta held on the South Johnstone River in Innisfail.

Rigorous evening training sessions at the Coconuts Outrigger Canoe Club saw our team of 4 dedicated staff members come in 3rd place overall on the day of the event. "This was an outstanding performance and we would be proud to defend our place at next years event" said local Innisfail manager Shawn Shearer.

Well done spirit!

ASR Pro Football Welcomes Tropicana Banana (message from AS ROMA CEO) 

The ASR Pro Football Academy welcomes Tropicana Banana as one of its sponsors. Tropicana Banana is one of Australia’s leading banana wholesalers, supplying high quality bananas to the country’s major supermarket chains.

ASR Pro Football Chief Executive Officer Rocco Polistina said the Tropicana Banana sponsorship was “great news” for the new football Academy.“We are pleased to announce Tropicana Banana as one of our new sponsors,” Mr Polistina said.

With the health and well-being of our young footballers at the centre of our philosophy, ASR Pro Football is proud to be affiliated with a company promoting good health in the form of bananas.”

Mr Polistina said the sponsorship reflected Tropicana Banana’s community-minded attitude toward football.Tropicana Banana joins other major ASR Pro Football sponsors, including Blacktown City Soccer Club, Lilys Bar and Function Centre and Lily Homes.

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